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Rose Petals and Rice

Rose Petals and Rice was born out of the joy of feeding people. I first started cooking by my Mother’s side at 9 years old. Starting with the basics, making a faultless cup of tea was first on the list, followed by learning how to slice onions as thinly as possible – a skill every Indian worth their salt aspires to perfect!!

Our cookery classes teach you how to make the traditional dishes our family has been cooking for over 30 years and still eat round our dining table today

So whether you’re interested in making chapatis, samosas or a traditional Parsi Dhansak we will teach you how to make these dishes and how the masalas work together to compliment each dish.

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The beauty of our cooking classes is we come to you!! You pick the course of your choice and we come to your kitchen armed with all the ingredients and recipe cards you need. It's a wonderful way to socialise with your friends and family. We do hope you’ll book a course today.

Happy Cooking!!

Zalena xx

To book a course or to enquire about a demonstration please email us at