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About Us

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Rose Petals and Rice was born out of the joy of feeding people. I first started cooking by my Mother’s side at 9 years old. Starting with the basics, making a faultless cup of tea was first on the list, followed by learning how to slice onions as thinly as possible– a skill every Indian worth their salt aspires to perfect!!

A love of all things food was born and in particular, a love of cooking the food I grew up eating from the culture I was born into - Parsi. The Parsi’s originated from Persia and then migrated to Northern India many years ago. Parsi food stays very much true to it’s original Persian roots but draws heavily on Northern Indian influence combining middle Eastern and Indian flavours to make beautifully tasting dishes.

Using traditional spices and quality ingredients, learn how to make popular street foods such as batata vada and samosas and even....a lamb Dhansak. My passion is to show you the real taste of Indian food - I promise you won't have tasted anything like this before!!!

Feeding people is such a huge part of Parsi culture and it feels wonderful to be able to share these dishes with fellow foodies. For that reason I decided to teach the recipes that my Mum taught me.

I do hope you’ll join me and book a class today to learn some of these traditional dishes.

To book a course or to enquire about a demonstration please email us at